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Benefits of baking

Baking is a hands-on learning experience and a great way for kids to express themselves and enjoy their creations. Baking will stimulate the child's senses of sight, taste, smell and texture. It will help develop their fine-motor coordination as they mix, sift, roll dough, cut out cookies and decorate. The development of these small hand muscles are needed for activities later in life such as hand-writing. Baking is excellent for developing tactile awareness. Experiencing different textures while baking, helps children understand and store information about the surroundings in their world.

Your child will learn basic cooking techniques and terminology used in the kitchen. It reinforces counting, measuring and weighing. It will develop their language as we speak about colours, flavours etc.

Children will be eager to taste what they have baked and will be proud to take home their own creations.

There's something magic about baking, and its so rewarding to share the experience with children. Baking with your child is a great opportunity for special bonding time.

Tammy Sinclair -Teacher/mother/cake artist

About Cuties Pies

Kids Parties

If you're looking for a unique birthday party, why not have a baking party?

We can customise what we bake to suit your party theme. Kids are entertained for 1.5 hours. Perfect for up to 12 of your special party guests.

You come to us, or we come to you!

We even bring chairs and tables! All baking equipment and ingredients are supplied, all you need is an oven.

For prices and info send an email to info@cutiepiesbakingschool.com or you can use our online contact form





Information & Pricing



Most lessons costs $22 per child and $17 per sibling, except when otherwise stated.

Bookings are essential and can be done online or by phone. If you do not receive a confirmation, please call me. 

Classes are held on random week mornings at 10:30am during school terms.  We also have classes during school holidays and some Saturdays.

 I need a minimum of 3 children to run a class. You will be notified by email for confirmation of a class. 12 children is the maximum per class. (I can cater for up to 18 if necessary)

You will be in the same room as your child, and younger siblings are welcome to come along and play with the toy basket :)

Please contact me should you need a group booking or a birthday party on a day and time thats convenient for you. Group bookings require a non-refundable deposit of $25.

The lesson lasts for 1.5 hours. All ingredients are supplied. Children will be provided with aprons and bakers' hats to wear during the lesson. Ages 2-12 years are welcome. Children are generally grouped according to their ages for classes.

Little bakers get to take home what they've made.

Exciting goodies are to be baked so click below to see whats coming!

Relax while your child bakes, and chat to other parents over a cup of tea or coffee.

We play games while the goodies bake in the oven!

I encourage parents to allow their little ones to bake independently, as they really enjoy doing it all themselves. (Of course if your little one asks for assistance or you feel that they require a helping hand, you are more than welcome to do so:)

Please let me know in advance if your child has an intolerance to a certain ingredient so that I can subsititute ingredients for them.


If you cancel in less than 24 hours or do not show up for a class, and the class was marked "Full" on the website, then chances are I had a waiting list. Therefore a cancellation fee will be added onto your next class.


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  • Myla loved cooking pizza men yesterday, thank you for such a great time. Your concept is great, it really gets kids to enjoy cooking. I even love how you have cooking related games to play whilst the pizzas were cooking in the oven.

    Myla's only 2.5 years old and she had a great time. Even Mum (me!) learnt a thing or two - no more frozen pizzas in our household!

    Thanks Tammy

    — Melissa Delaware

  • Thankyou so much for the cooking lesson on wednesday. Hamish had a lovely time and we all enjoyed a rainbow fish cookie for desert that night!

    — Jenny Stone

  • Thank you so much for Sunday. The girls had a brilliant time and loved it. The cupcakes were lovely and the cake was amazing. Thank you so much for making my daughter Mia's birthday memorable.

    — Melissa Loring

  • Just a note of thanks for all your effort in making Emma's 9th Birthday one to remember. Everyone had a great time, especially me!
    You made it easy and so much fun.
    Thank you!

    — Belinda Heers

  • What a wonderful activity for kids... My two enjoyed the day and we've already been asked can we come again. It's a great hands-on activity and loads of imagination used to decorate the yummy finshed products...
    Baby baking gets 10/10 for keeping the kiddies entertained and learning a life skill....Well be back with sprinkles on:)

    — Louise Halden


Our latest creations

About Me

Tammy Sinclair

Hi, I'm Tammy, aka "Baker Tammy". I have been baking since I was old enough to reach the kitchen counter, as I was inspired by my grandfather who was a pastry chef and my aunt who was the head chef at a safari lodge.  After completing my four year teaching diploma for primary school, I began making birthday cakes for my own children and then family and friends. It moved on to wedding cakes and corporate cakes too. I eventually had a booming little business from home and I gained such a great deal of experience in cake art. I then thought it would be a great idea to combine my teaching qualification with my love for baking... and so now I am the proud owner of "Cutie Pies Baking School"!



Bookings are essential and can be done online or by phone.

Springtime cupcakes

Date: 10 Sep 16 - Time: 2:00pm
Age Group: 2-12 years
Space Available: YES

Peppermint caramel tarts

Date: 27 Sep 16 - Time: 10:30am
Age Group: 2-10 years
Space Available: YES

bees and butterflies cookies

Date: 28 Sep 16 - Time: 10:30am
Age Group: 2-10 years
Space Available: YES

Sunflower cupcakes

Date: 29 Sep 16 - Time: 10:30am
Age Group: 2-12 years
Space Available: YES

Flower cupcake cones

Date: 30 Sep 16 - Time: 10:30am
Age Group: 4-12
Space Available: YES

Snowmen cookies

Date: 13 Dec 16 - Time: 10:30am
Age Group: 2-10 years
Space Available: YES

Gingerbread houses

Date: 14 Dec 16 - Time: 10:30am
Age Group: 6-12 years
Space Available:

Cutest gingerbread men

Date: 15 Dec 16 - Time: 10:30am
Age Group: 2-10 years
Space Available: YES

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